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The Answer to Leukemia Is in the Avocado

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After reading this, you may not look at avocados the same way again.

Usually, when we talk about cancer, the spotlight turns on the super greens and the berries. As anti-cancer agents, they're definitely some of the best. However, a new Canadian research wants you to bring your attention to a favorite summer fruit: avocado.

Based on a brand-new study from a team of Canadian cancer experts, the fruit's fat has the ability to fight and prevent the spread of acute myeloid leukemia, which can be very deadly since it tends to progress quickly. This type of cancer develops when the bone marrow creates a lot of white blood cells that are immature. Also known as blast cells, they don't have the same fighting properties as the mature ones. Moreover, since they are already in excess, they can overpower platelets and red blood cells

One of the best things about the discovery is that the avocado B, the lipid or fat molecule, can treat the disease down to its source: stem cells. Only very few drugs are capable of doing that. However, the big advantage of the avocado over medications is that the avocado lipid is selective, leaving healthy white blood cells intact. This then eliminates or significantly reduces the side effects of the treatment.

Currently, the team is creating a drug that's based on the fruit's lipids. It has already undergone a couple of trials, and so far, the results have been promising.   

In the meantime, you can add avocado in the diet. It can be combined with fresh salads, blended into a smoothie (a perfect healthy alternative to milk or cream), or transformed into a guacamole for wraps and dips. Of course, avocado can be just as delicious to be eaten raw.

Do note, however, that even if it's a healthy fruit, it contains a considerable amount of fat. The key is not to binge on it to enjoy its full benefits.  

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