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‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Features A Stronger Peggy Carter In Sunny California! Cast Member Hayley Atwell Talks Location And Character Changes

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"Agent Carter" season 2 cast member Hayley Atwell talks details!
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The "Captain America" spinoff TV series, "Agent Carter," will be returning for season 2! Cast member Hayley Atwell shares details!

The first season finale entitled "Valediction" ended with Agent Thompson and Peggy saving Times Square from being hypnotised by the Midnight Oil, and the rebirth of Peggy Carter. Followers of the show are eager to know what's to come in season 2 of "Agent Carter."  

The only updates given about the plot for the upcoming season was about the setting of the next season. Last season, the show was set in New York, and it has been confirmed by Hayley Atwell who portrays Peggy Carter in the series, that season 2 will be taking place in Los Angeles.

According to an article by Blastr, when asked about season 2 of "Agent Carter," the actress also said that "there is also something that reminds me of 'L.A. Confidential,' kind of film noir, kind of glamorous L.A. life with a dark underbelly of L.A. life in the '40s."

The same article also mentioned that a new version of Peggy Carter awaits in season 2. With her rebirth in the first season's finale, she will definitely be "stronger" in a sense that she won't be dwell in the pain that she experienced from the death of Captain America. Hayley Atwell also explained that for Peggy's character "we can think more light, warmth and humor in who she is as a person."

Aside from the updates given by the producers about the next season, another surprise for fans worldwide! "Agent Carter" season 2 has been renewed for 10 episodes! As for the release date, no specific details were shared; however, producers of "Agent Carter" revealed that release date will come sometime in 2016.

More cast details and other spoilers of "Agent Carter" season 2 will soon be released come Comic-Con in San Diego.

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