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Salad and Eggs Make a Great Pair

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How do you make your salad? Thanks to cooking shows and human ingenuity and creativity, there are hundreds of different ways to make the salad that teases the palate while boosting nutrient uptake. Usually, though, you'll throw in the healthy: lettuce, tomatoes, peas, collards, and perhaps a few proteins like grilled chicken breast. Of course, to balance it out you need fat from olive oil or avocado.

But wait, you're actually forgetting something. You need eggs.

Not many people try to add eggs to their salads or even to their diet. Eggs, after all, have built a bad reputation for so many years due to possibly high cholesterol. We all know now that it's okay to eat them in moderation.

Moreover, if you need to make sure you can enjoy not only the flavor but also the health benefits of your salad, you have to learn how to add and eat these eggs.

In American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study, published in May 2015, indicated eggs helped the body absorb the carotenoids that are found in plenty of vegetables. These are phytonutrients that gave vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots their bright color. Although there are many different types of carotenoids with different effects on the body, one thing is sure: they are good for you.

Not only do they boost your immune system, but they also decrease the risk of certain types of cancer by preventing free radicals from harming good cells, promoting correct cell growth, and enhancing the way the cells communicate, disrupting possible growth of the tumors. They can also be a person's natural protection against eye diseases.

In the study, at least 15 people were provided with a salad. Half of them ate the food with eggs while the others didn't have any. Those who ate with eggs had more than 3 times better carotenoid absorption than the other group if they ate 3 eggs with the salad. 

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