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‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Updates Reveal New Characters Coming; Hayley Atwell Talks Nude Scenes?

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‘Agent Carter’, Season 2, Updates
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Recent updates on "Agent Carter" season 2 reveal that events will take place in Los Angeles and Peggy will be fighting against the "secret empire" in new season.

It was revealed that season 2 will be set in a different location, and according to reports, Los Angeles is the place to be. LA will now be the new home for Agent Carter. According to Yibada, "Agent Peggy Carter's (Hayley Atwell) faceoff against the Secret Empire, a splinter group of Hydra who intruded the American government and tried to disrepute Captain America."

Aside from the different location, recent reports also said that season 2 will have additional characters who will join "Agent Carter." Those two are Edwin Jarvis, who will be portrayed by James D'Arcy and Howard Stark, who will be portrayed by Dominic Cooper. 

The same source also mentioned that "Agent Carter" is unlikely to have a nude scene in season 2. E! News quoted Hayley Atwell when she said "It often involves me just going, 'I don't think she would be naked in this scene." It was also in the same article that she mentioned that "there's no need for that. I'm not doing it just to fulfill your weird little fantasy."

Rumor has it that Agent Peggy Carter will have a new love interest in the much-awaited season 2 of "Agent Carter!" According to IBTimes, "Dingess [executive producer of the show]  said that when the team was considering a new character that Peggy can fall in love with, they were looking at finding the same qualities as Steve."

Captain America has been the love of Agent Carter in the previous Marvel movies and fans are wondering if Chris Evans will ever make an appearance in the small screen. No other updates from Atwell nor showrunners have been confirmed so far.

"Agent Carter" season 2 arrives this coming January. 

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