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Scientists Found the Most Effective Diet to Shed Unwanted Pounds

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Scientists in Copenhagen said that a high-protein, low carb diet is more effective
for shedding and keeping off unwanted pounds.

According to a report by the Sydney Morning Herald, a European study was
published in 2012 which compared five different diet types to test
which among them is best in shedding and keeping weight off.

The study involved 773 adults who have already shed 11 kilos
participated in the study. The participants were assigned to each of the
five diet types. Where each diet type is a different combination of carbohydrate and protein portions.

Among the five types is one that is composed of low protein and high carb components. Still another one is composed of high protein and low carb components.

After an experimental period of 6 months, participants that were
assigned to the high-protein with low-carb had the most effective weight
loss. This result and the supporting documentation gathered by the
proponents of the study gave them a conclusion that a regular diet that
is mainly composed of high protein and low carb components is the most
effective for one who needs to shed unwanted pounds.

Looking further into the results yield in their experimentation, the
proponents found out that those who were placed on the said diet
continued shedding extra pounds even long after the experimentation

Jennie Brand-Miller, professor of Human Nutrition at the University of
Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, said this eating pattern works because
the high protein and low carbs combination help develop more of the
satiety hormones that makes people feel full.

Brand-Miller added, "while the world's best diet is higher in protein
and lower in carbs, it is no radical diet. The idea is to modestly lower
the carbohydrate content of the diet and modestly increase the protein
content  to give a ratio of around 2:1 in favor of carbs".

At present, Jennie Brand-Miller is examining whether the new diet
pattern can reduce the risk of type two diabetes. If it will be proven
as a good means, then it will be useful to help prevent the growth of
this health threat.

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