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Dermatologist Says Booze Makes the Skin Dull

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New York dermatologist Fredric Brandt says alcohol dries and dulls the skin. Booze among others including excessive sugar, salt and caffeine are detrimental to skin health.

"Ideally, take only two shots and sip water in between to flush out the booze", adds dermatologist David Bank.

Your intake of booze, caffeine, salt and sugar are not the only ones that contribute to unhealthy skin. Below are habits that you should put an end to to ensure optimal skin health. 

  1. Skipping sunscreen. UV rays from the sun burns and irritates the skin. Use an SPF sunscreen before stepping out of the house.
  2. Popping pimples. Never pop your pimples! Consult a dermatologist and use proper skin care products to get rid of it effectively.
  3. Eating too much junk. Unhealthy indulgence in junk foods, instant noodles, alcoholic drinks and smoking needs to be kept under strict control. These habits result in body toxins which affects the health of the skin.
  4. Applying too much cosmetics. Never put too much makeup or any synthetic products on your skin. It will clog the skin pores and may cause allergies. Better use herbal and other natural products for your beauty regime.
  5. Missing out on facial wash. Facial skin is delicate and so it is essential to use only well-suited soaps on it for cleaning. Do not to use your body soap as your facial soap like a lot of people do.
  6. Sleeping with makeup on. Chemical components present in cosmetic products hinder our skin from having the rest and restoration it does while we sleep. Be sure to wash your face and wipe it clean before you sleep.
  7. Frequently bathing on hot water. Taking a bath with a hot water makes your skin dry and blistery. Warm or hot water should only be used during cold seasons.
  8. Sharing cosmetics applicators. Sharing cosmetic applicators result in bacterial transfer making you breakout. Washing your cosmetic applicators such as brushes and sponges at least once a week will also keep bacteria at bay.
  9. Overdoing any beauty regime. Never overindulge in facials as it makes the skin dry and patchy.
  10. Depriving yourself of sleep. Be sure to sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Inadequate sleep causes eye bags, dark circles, huge pores and an overall unhealthy skin.

If great-looking skin is what you are after, investing in a healthy lifestyle and keeping the tips we have above in mind will take towards your goal. 

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