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Some Veggies and Fruits Are Just Awesome for Weight Loss

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Fruits and vegetables are not created equal. While they are healthier than junk and processed food, some of them are more ideal if you're trying to beat obesity.

According to a new study by researchers from Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health fruits such as berries and pears and veggies that are not rich in starch should be a staple for a faster and easier weight loss.

For the study, they used the data of various health surveys until they were able to identify at least 130,000 men and women from the United States. The participants' eating habits were closely monitored for around 20 years, in which in every 4 years, they had to report the types of food they had eaten every single day for a week. Every 2 years, they also had to update their weight information.

The results of the analyses point out what we have known for a long time now: eating fruits and vegetables can help decrease a person's weight. Those who consumed more fruits could lose at least 0.5 pounds while the participants who ate more veggies in a 4-year period shed 0.25 pounds.

But once the types of food had been broken down and analyzed, men and women who ate more berries, pears, and apples over other kinds of fruit lost at least a pound. Cauliflower, tofu, and other products that are based on soy were attributed to no less than 2 pounds.

If there are certain types of food that could promote weight loss, some may also increase it. These include fruits and vegetables with plenty of starches such as potatoes. Although potatoes are generally good since they are also nutrient dense, they must be eaten in moderation as they can cause glucose spikes or the sudden increase of sugar in the bloodstream. The high spikes can lead to feeling of hunger and increased appetite in only a short amount of time.  

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