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Fashion Designer Launches a Mastectomy Bra

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2014 Women's Leadership Award Honoring Stella McCartney
(Photo : Dimitrios Kambouris | Getty Images Entertainment)

Now here's some real fashion for a good cause.

Stella McCartney's house has just launched a specially designed beautiful bra for double mastectomy patients.

McCartney is the daughter of Paul of the Beatles and Linda, a photographer. In 1995, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and eventually succumbed to the disease within three years. The struggle her mom had to face because of the disease had left a huge impression on McCartney and is channeling it through her fashion empire.

The Louise listening bra, which is named after her mother, is a compression bra, which acts as a support while the scars are still healing. It is made from 81% cotton, 7% elastene, and 12% polyamide, so it is not only stretchable, but it's also very comfortable to wear for long periods. It can also be easy to maintain through hand washing.

It comes in light rose hue with lace details to make the bra more feminine and daintier. It has a wide under band and no bra wires while the sides are deep for the best kind of support and comfort. The bra is also designed to be fastened at the front for quick and convenient wearing and removing.

The bra is currently available in pre-order for £85 (excluding shipping and other fees), and shipping is expected to begin by October 5. Women can choose among three sizes, which range from small to large.

As support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all sales proceeds for the bra will be donated to Hello Beautiful, a foundation that helps women improve their self-esteem or confidence while fighting the disease. Many survivors, especially those who went through mastectomies, develop negative body image.

In an interview with Telegraph McCartney also shares that this bra is a way to fight the taboo that comes with double mastectomy as some cultures are less accepting. 

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