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What’s Hindering You From Losing Belly Fat?

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Belly fat is an epidemic particularly throughout America, what with unhealthy eating habits promoted by consumerism, a sedentary lifestyle, and many other factors. Although a lot of men and women desire and attempt to eliminate that large patch in their mid-section areas, much of the efforts remain futile. Weight loss is a systemic process, and other factors such as genes and hormones require more than just eliminating carbs in your diet.

A 2014 article on Fox News reveals the secrets to weight loss, pointing out the possible reasons why attempts to a fit and healthy body remain as "attempts" and not successes. Listed down are some of those reasons.

1.       Age. As a person grows older with age, the body adapts and creates a different rhythm of gaining and losing weight. This is attributed to factors such as metabolic rate decline, number of calories required per day, menopause, among others. Age is indeed a crucial factor in weight loss, which needs to be re-considered by anyone who wishes to shed some pounds.

2.       Excessive Intake of Processed Food. According to the article, one of the main reasons why the belly swells after eating highly processed foods is because of inflammation. Food such as refined sugars, chips, crackers, sweet treats, white bread, and soda all cause inflammation, hindering the body from eliminating belly fat. It is recommended to stick to whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

.       The Wrong Workout. Many people who desire to lose weight and fat focus too much on cardio workout. According to endocrinologist Dr. Sangeeta Kashyap of Cleveland Clinic, cardio alone will not do the job. Strength training such s weights is also important since it increases muscle mass, promoting optimal fat-burning capacity in the body. Registered dietician Kate Patton, also from Cleveland Clinic, says that muscle burns more calories than fat. She recommends 125 minutes of high-intensity workouts or 250 minutes of moderate intensity weekly.

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