LIFE Published October5, 2015 By Jane Palermo

What Was Amber Rose’s ‘SlutWalk’ All About And Why Is It So Important?

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Amber Rose
(Photo : Frazer Harrison|Getty Images Entertainment )

Amber Rose led a SlutWalk event on Saturday in Los Angeles, according to E! News.

The model spoke of her exes, Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West, who have both publicly insulted her, but more importantly, Rose participated in the SlutWalk in order to promote women’s rights, according to the NY Daily News.

31-year-old Amber Rose currently has her own non-profit, Amber Rose Foundation, which reportedly focuses on creating a discussion about women’s rights and equality.

During the SlutWalk over the weekend, Rose led hundreds of women down Pershing Square as she held a sign that read “Strippers Have Feelings Too.” The mother-of-one was seen getting emotional during her speech at the event, especially as she spoke of insults directed towards her and her past as a stripper.

In Wiz Khalifa’s track “For Everybody,” the musician reportedly rapped about how he “fell in love with a stripper.” Rose and Khalifa were reportedly married for a year before the model filed for divorce in September 2014.

“He came out with that song and that really hurt me because all I did was ever love him," Amber said about Wiz.

“I just loved him so much and gave him a beautiful son and to be told that I was nothing but a stripper, um, it hurt."

Rose’s mother, Dorothy Rose, reportedly carried a sign that read “F—k YO 30 Showers!”, referring to Kanye West’s comment that he “had to take 30 showers” after being in a relationship with her.

"I want to forgive Kanye for what he said about me. I want to let all that negative, that negativity go,” stated Rose.

“I also forgive Wiz for what he said. Wiz actually apologized to me already, so I have forgiven him. I suggest that you guys do the same and I'll tell you why. Because you can't...they're ignorant at times, people are ignorant and you have to be the bigger person and be the positive person to forgive and move on and help other people around you that have been through the same thing."

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