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Travis Fimmel Leaving 'Vikings' After 'Warcraft'? Season 4 To End With Ragnar's Death, Bjorn Succeeds Throne

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'Vikings', season 4, Travis Fimmel
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After the filming of the movie "Warcraft," Travis Fimmel returns to "Vikings" season 4 but this may be his last chapter after Ragnar succumbs to his illness and Bjorn takes the lead.

Latest news revealed that the lead actor of "Warcraft" the movie as well as the king in History Channel's "Vikings" could take a more film-based approach to broadening his career. Travis Fimmel has been rumored to leave after season 4.

MNR Daily pointed out that in season 3 of "Vikings," King Ragnar played by Travis Fimmel   has been stricken by illness and rumors on his death have surfaced. While as proven in the previous chapters, it takes a lot to put the "Viking" leader down, it seems that the actor might be submitting to his character's death as he is speculated to take on other movie projects.

"Viking" showrunner Michael Hirst revealed early on that Ragnar's death in season 4 isn't an impossibility. "It's very important to note that he's not only sick; he's hovering between life and death," Hirst said in an interview with THR.

"So that impacts hugely on the beginning of season 4, which we're working on now," added the "Vikings" showrunner. "It's a big story point. It's very important that Ragnar is weakened, ill and hovering between life and death when we come back for season 4."

Hirst further hinted that the death of Ragnar has crossed the minds of writers. "It will be devastating for audiences to witness the death of a great character and the end of a magnificent role," he revealed.

"Travis has been absolutely charismatic and magnificent. But by that stage, his sons will be young, hot guys and hopefully the audience will already be engaged with them and want to follow them."

If Travis Fimmel's Ragnar dies in "Vikings" season 4, there could be two possible successors: his son, Bjorn or his brother, Rollo. However, season 3 ended with Rollo again on the brink of betraying his brother, which means Bjorn could be the next leader of Kattegat.

And if "Vikings" season 4 will be the last of Travis Fimmel, the 36-year-old Aussie now has more time to focus on his upcoming films, that so far only includes "Warcraft" slated to be released in 2016. 

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