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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Enjoy Trashing Each Other? Comedian Says Ex-Wife Is A Meth Addict

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Katy Perry at the 57th Grammy Awards.
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Not a lot has been said about the exact events that led to Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce in 2012.

While both camps have been generally quiet about their break-up, Russell's new flick might have just broken the peace between him and the singer.  Apparently, the comedian put his ex-wife in bad light by including raw footages of Katy in the movie.

"She comes across as a childish, selfish and brainless sex kitten for Russell's pleasure," an insider told In Touch, according to CDL. "She even utters a crude line about her private parts."

"Then again, Russell's documentary could be just payback to his ex-wife, after all Katy Perry did include some pretty intense clips of him in her 2012 documentary film while they were in the midst of their breakup and divorce," CDL added.

"Either the films don't bother them half as much as the media has built them up to, or the former married couple enjoys playing an immature game of tit for tat with each other. At the end of the day, it's pure entertainment for us - who doesn't mind watching a bit of post-marital slander?"

Meanwhile, previous reports linked drugs to Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce.  Although it was not clear who was addicted to it, Russell hinted about it in a previous interview.

"Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it don't, but if you sort of sense there's an incompatibility, then in any relationship regardless of the status of the individual, it kind of is best to go separate ways," he spoke of his divorce with Australia's 60 Minutes.

"I think if you're someone who's really into mountain biking, it would be good to go out with someone else who's into mountain biking, and if you're really into Eastern mysticism, go out with someone else who into Eastern mysticism. I think if you're a devoted tennis professional and you get married to a crystal meth addict, you might have trouble... I've been in a lot of trouble."

Do you think Katy Perry and Russell Brand can still have a good relationship after the recent events? Sound off below!

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