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Does Shaving Really Make Hair Grow Back Faster, Thicker?

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Shaving facial hair does not make it grow back faster and thicker.
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Everyone has probably heard of "shaving one's skin hair is a no benefit". The hair would sprout back in a matter of days, and even thicker and darker than how it looked before the cut. Well, that's definitely frustrating especially for women. However, science breaks its silence. It is not true.

ScienceAlert reports that the probable reason why people have such notion is because the tip of a hair is made naturally thin and when shaved produces blunt ends. However, one fails to realize that as the hair grows back, say after a week or two, the end gets sharp again.

Even in men, many have thought of trying to shave their mustache in order to make it thicker. Yes, over time, facial hair really grows more. But the explanation is not because one has removed his hair, but because natural hormones prompted its abundant growth. Body hair develops at different times and at different rates among individuals.   

Dina Maron of Scientific American writes that the literature had actually resolved this issue. In 1928, four men reportedly agreed to take part of a hair regrowth study. They shaved their facial hair in the same downward stroke using the same brand of razor and shaving cream. Every time the men shaved, researchers collected samples until such time that about 100 of them have been analyzed and compared. After all, they concluded that "shaving does not really accelerate facial hair growth."   

The rate of hair growth is dependent on so many factors including but are not limited to genetics, lifestyle and nutrition. The Conversation writes, around 80 percent of hair follicles are in the stage of growth at any time, and even remain in this stage for years. Another stage just lasts for a few weeks, rendering time for the follicles to transition before they finally reach the inactivation stage. 

In a nutshell, unless a person has a condition that affects skin and hair cycle, one cannot expect his or her hair to grow thicker and faster after settling to do a cut. 

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