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'Half Life 3' Release Date Depends On Source Engine Improvements; Third Installment's Launch Inevitable

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Half Life 3 Confirmed?
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Fans continue to speculate the "Half Life 3" release date and why it has not been confirmed yet.

Valve has been pretty open about the fate of the third installment and said that they are not producing the game anytime soon.  Many fans, however, are not buying this and have come up with several theories as to why the game is not yet in development.

In a reddit forum, a fan speculated that HL3 could only see the light of day if Valve will improve the Source Engine.

"Half Life 2 and its episodes were all about showing off the new capabilities of the source engine at the time," user shogunhybrid claimed.

"Basically Half Life is a tech demo with an amazing story crafted around it. Not unlike how Unreal Tournament is a tech demo for the Unreal Engine...  So, rather than calling for Valve to finish Half Life 3 already, we should be calling for them to push the boundaries of the Source Engine."

A lot of fan theories have spread like wildfire regarding the anticipated release's launch.  One of the most popular, claimed that with the release of Valve's Source 2, it would not be long before developers will second it with a "Half Life 3" announcement.

"A Valve employee is free to work on whatever they want (to a certain degree). This can mean that a project will go undeveloped because nobody is interested," user Wuki said in a "Half Life 3" subreddit.

"It's not officially cancelled, it's not officially announced. I believe it will arrive some day. But it's mostly speculation."

According to a report from Motoring Crunch, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell released a statement about the game's fate to address all rumors once and for all.

"Gabe simply said that Half Life 3 is not in production at the moment and fans shouldn't expect it to come anytime soon. Of course, Gabe could either be cooling down the hype or telling the truth," the article read.

"Either way, there is a positive that can be taken from Gabe's words and that is he didn't deny Half Life 3's coming at all. No matter how the outcome of E3 will be like, Half Life 3's coming remain to be inevitable."

Do you think "Half Life 3" release date will be confirmed in the future? Sound off below!

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