LIFE Published November5, 2015 By Jane Palermo

4-Week-Old Squirrels, Thelma And Louise, Get A Second Chance

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(Photo : Richard Heathcote|Getty Images Sport)

Dr. Laura Witherell at Gasow Veterinary Hospital had never raised squirrels before.

However, she knew that duty called when 4-week-old squirrels, Thelma and Louise, were brought to her care in Birmingham, according to USA Today.

“It was euthanize them or try to raise them,” explained Witherell.

“I just wanted to give them a chance.”

When Thelma opened her eyes, Witherell noticed that she had a problem with one of them, according to CBS Local. The squirrel reportedly couldn’t see out of her right eye.

“She had glaucoma,” said Dr. Michael West, a veterinary ophthalmology resident at BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

“It’s a painful condition.”

Thelma, who weighs less than a pound, reportedly underwent surgery to have her eye removed last week. The surgery reportedly took less than a half-hour.

“I think after she started nursing and taking formula, that was our biggest sigh of relief that she was recovering and getting back to her normal self,” West said.

“I think if someone brought in any animal we would have an obligation to help that animal if we could. We’re not in a position to discriminate and I think if we know the squirrel is uncomfortable and we can make her feel better, I think why not.”

Thelma and Louise are reportedly still on formula, but Witherell is trying to get them off of it because they’re getting to the point where they don’t need it anymore. Witherell reportedly plans on keeping the two rescues through the winter.

“They’re both doing well,” Witherell said.

“They’re thriving.”

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