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Massachusetts Woman Gives Birth despite Not Knowing She’s Pregnant

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Life can indeed surprise you in many ways. A Massachusetts middle-aged woman, for example, recently gave birth without ever knowing that she's pregnant.

Judy Brown, 47, has been complaining about severe abdominal pain when she was brought to Beverly Hospital on Wednesday, Nov 4. As necessary, the doctors performed a series of tests to confirm a diagnosis. While she may be thinking of the worst, she was met with something more surprising: while she didn't have any blockages, she is pregnant. It turns out that the cramps she's been feeling was actually her going into labor. By the end of the day, she gave birth to an 8-pound girl they named Carolyn Rose.

Judy, who's been married for 22 years to Jason, was definitely caught off guard. The couple has already decided early on in their union that they would not have any children. But then again, they also believe that if something is bound to happen, then it surely is going to happen. Now, it did.

Early on, she's been feeling something odd about her body, and her attention certainly didn't miss the growing protruding belly. However, she simply attributed the growth to aging, in which she's just putting extra weight in the middle. She also didn't go through any morning sickness during her first trimester.

Meanwhile, the couple should have left the hospital by now, taking little Carolyn Rose on a bassinet and other baby items that may have been loaned or given by friends and family.

Although the couple has been doting on the new baby, with Judy even calling her as daddy's little girl and Jason saying he's always there for Carolyn Rose, the little one may never get to have a sibling. As early as now, Jason is thinking of undergoing vasectomy, a common male sterilization technique, to prevent them from getting pregnant again.

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