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US Senator Wants FDA Investigation on a Caffeinated Peanut Butter

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A US senator is currently urging the Food and Drug Administration to (FDA) to conduct an investigation on a caffeine-laden peanut butter.

US Senator Charles Schumer has expressed his serious concern on the amount of caffeine present in STEEM peanut butter, which is sold mostly online and in some gyms and stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut. A serving of the peanut butter is equivalent to having two cups of coffee, which could be very harmful to children in the long-term, according to the senator.

The Democrat senator also recommended the FDA to establish allowable caffeine limits on food products that are also eaten by kids and to impose on manufacturers to include warning labels if these items contain caffeine. He further added that aside from being jittery, excessive amounts of caffeine can also lead to heart palpitations, blood pressure, or perhaps something worse.

According to the peanut butter's official website, each bottle contains natural peanut butter, natural caffeine from green coffee extract, peanut oil, and organic agave nectar. Around 1200mg of caffeine is found in each jar that the makers are encouraging the users, who range from "athletes, active, and normal people," to consume it according to instructions. The peanut butter is a no-no to pets.

STEEM has already released a statement through Quartz, stating it has complied with any obligation they were required before selling their products in the market. The website also states that the slow release of caffeine will prevent the jittery feeling. Fans of the product, which is sold for $5.99 per jar, have also taken to social media such as Facebook and Twitter to criticize the comment, with some saying the word "caffeinated" in the bottle can already serve as a warning label and that the product is not marketed to children. Others are also planning to buy the peanut butter simply because they don't like the senator.

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