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Here’s Time’s All-time Healthy Foods

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Thinking about what's for dinner or what to prepare this Christmas? Time is making it easier for you by coming up 50 of the healthiest foods of all time. The list was created based on the choices of the magazine editors and a Tufts medical center dietitian Alicia Romano.

First on the list is harissa, a sizzling-hot chili paste from North Africa. It is a combination of Serrano, hot chili, and roasted red peppers, as well as herbs and spices, so it delivers a lot of kick and flavor into the dish. But it's also rich in capsaicin, which is believed to reverse obesity, relieve inflammation and body pain, and even treat certain types of cancers.

Following harissa is goat's cheese, which is definitely harder to find that cow's cheese. However, you may still want it since it contains less amount of fat but is packed with protein and calcium for a small amount of it.

If you need healthy but indulgent snack, you can grab a bowl of popcorn. Time, though, is quick to add that they're not talking about movie popcorn with lots of artificial flavor and salt. Instead, it's some popcorn kernels cooked preferably in a stovetop with a small amount of salt and butter for flavor. These types of popcorn are "healthier" than potato chips since they can instantly make you feel full. Of course, they have fiber.

Coconut is called the tree of life for a reason. All of it can be used for something, most especially its meat and oil. However, be careful since a cup of it can already contain 283 calories.

Rounding up the first five is grass-fed beef. It turns out this type of beef contains less fat, and with news about the link between superbugs and antibiotic-resistant meat, you'd choose this.

For the rest of the list (along with great recipes), click here

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