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Be a Health Champion, Says Weight-Control Information Network (WIN)

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The Weight-Control Information Network (WIN), an information service under the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), serves to provide the general public, health workers, the media, and Congress with the latest and empirically-based resources on weight management, physical activity, obesity, and issues on nutrition and health.

A reflection of WIN's dedication is their advocacy that encourages Americans and everyone in general to be a health champion- which translates to promoting better, healthy choices and being a role model in one's family or community.

WIN provides a detailed list of habits that are doable enough to integrate into one's everyday routine, as follows.

■ TAKE A PICTURE of a healthy meal you're about to eat, and text it

to friends or post it on your Facebook page to inspire others.

■ START AN EMAIL, FACEBOOK, OR IN-PERSON GROUP and share healthy recipes or ways to make favorite dishes healthier by cutting down on fat, sugar, and salt.

■ USE A BASKET INSTEAD OF A CART at the grocery store. This may help you get only what you need.

■ SHARE A MEAL when eating out. This may help you and those around you manage portions and stay on track.

■ CHECK THE MENU for terms and icons that indicate healthy items, such as low-fat, low-calorie dishes.

■ TRACK BARRIERS that keep you and your family and friends from moving more and eating better. When you meet or talk, discuss the barriers each person faced and what everyone did to overcome them.

■ MAKE IT A TEAM EFFORT. Share words of support with your friends and loved ones. Meet up for fun, active events like hikes, basketball games, and dance parties. Take turns hosting healthy potlucks.

■ MAKE A FLYER with these tips to hand out at family events or post around your community.

■ PROMOTE AND POST TIPS on healthy eating and physical activity to Facebook or Twitter, or as your signature tagline when sending an email. Add tips from friends and family members to keep them excited about getting healthier.

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