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Tattoo Inks Can Cause Sepsis: FDA

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A California tattoo ink manufacturing company has recalled several lots of their tattoo ink bottles from tattoo parlors and home kits. This took place after an examination of several of the company's products turned in results that hint the presence of bacteria even in the unopened bottles.

For this, the FDA warns the public, especially tattoo artists and those who are considering to get inked, to be very keen and cautious.

It is an age-old knowledge that unhygienic environments and shared needles are the culprit behind the infections related to tattoos, including hepatitis, staphylococcus infections and MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus). However, this new discovery that even unopened tattoo ink bottles can carry bacterial infection, which can cause the deadly sepsis should sound the alarm louder.

The FDA suggests that tattoo artists and their clients should do at least this one thing to assure the level of safety when the inking process takes place - examine the ink bottles very carefully. Tattoo bottles should clearly state the ink's manufacturer and its location.

This is after another incident where even more tattoo ink bottles were recalled. When checked, these bottles did not have any identification pertaining to its manufacturer, let alone, its manufacturer's location.

When a person contracts an infection, the body's immune system activates to combat the intruder. This is why one gets fever, shaking chills and even prominent lymph nodes (especially those nearest the location of the infection) so when malaise accompanied by a high fever follows sometime after a tattooing session then one is strongly advised to go see a doctor.

There are cases, however, where the symptoms of the infection do not show early. Several years may even go by and one is still in his or her health condition's prime.

Then again, as health risks are often the evil twin of the art of tattooing, everyone involved should be really cautious. For those who get tattoos often, it is best to stick with one artist who practices the hygienic musts of the trade.

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