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Americans are Falling out of Fast food Love

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Fast food
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According to doctors, nothing comes close to fast food chains when it comes to efficiency in recruiting patients for hospitals.

Fast foods are somehow embedded in the culture of modern food consumption. No wonder, stores just seem to pop around streets and corners. Recent sales statistics of leading fast food chains all-over America, however, suggests otherwise.

From July to September of 2014, McDonald's sales all over the US have dropped by 3.3 percent. On top of that, a report by Beverage Digest also established that the consumption of soda in the country have dropped close to the consumption in 1995.

These sales and consumption statistics only suggest that America is trotting the challenging yet healthy road to a better relationship with food.

Keith-Thomas Ayoob, associate clinical professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York said in an interview that Americans are shifting towards food that is homemade and sustainably produced over those that are mass-produced like those in fast food chains.

According to Ayoob, the American consumer has become more conscious about opting for healthier activities and healthier food choices.

On top of these consumer-driven shift, several hospital chains all over the country has ripped off their contract with fast food chains. Truman Medical Centers in Missouri and Kosair Children's Hospital in Kansas City have been vocal in their move of removing fast food by McDonald's from their hospital cafeterias.

John Bluford, former chief executive of Truman Medical Centers said in an interview that the hospital chain has decided to start creating a culture of health and that their move of ending their contract with McDonald's is the action they took to improve the community's health.

While a lot of food adjustments is yet to be done for by America, this waning love relationship with fast food is a good start. This is especially that fast food has long been solidly linked to obesity and other high-sugar and high-sodium caused conditions.  

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