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Pebble Time Voice App Announced! Smartwatch Can Power Apps With Siri And Google Now

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(Photo : Snowy Website)

Snowy, the Pebble Time smartwatch line's voice-powered personal assistant app, is now available bringing an alternative to Siri and Google Now.

The app is called Snowy and was developed not by Pebble but by Matthew Reiss, whose portfolio includes Yahoo! Fantasy Football and Tripadvisor, among others.

With it, owners of the Time Round, Time Steel and Time can now make use of the microphone embedded in those devices, according to Wareable.

Per the website, Snowy has the same functionality as Siri and Google Now and handles a number of voice commands including finding the date, setting alarms and checking online information such as the weather and sports updates.

Despite not being a native app, it also integrates with Timeline allowing users to set reminders, add events and take notes.

What's more is that it enables users to control smart home devices such as Philips Hue lighting and smart thermostats from Nest with IFTTT support.

But Snowy does have a few caveats. For one, the voice-powered app will only work with the latest Pebble Time smartwatches due to hardware requirements. While it can translate into other languages, the app only accepts voice commands in English.

CNET's Jason Cipriani also reported voice commands had to be made in a specific manner. The website urged users to familiarize themselves with the proper syntax.

For that, the list of commands can be seen here.

Reportedly, Snowy makes use of the Nuance voice API released by Pebble last year.

Per Gazette Review, the app doesn't use up much resources allowing users to leave it running in the background without worry.

It's still unclear if Pebble will roll out its own personal assistant app, according to the website.

Those who want to use voice commands on their Pebble smartwatch can now download Snowy via the Pebble Time app store for $2.99 and will work with both iOS and Android devices.

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