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Chef Spills the Brady Brunch

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Tom and Gisele Brady (nee Bundchen) are two of the most gorgeous people in their field, but they're also very private. However, their private chef Allen Campbell decided to tell all in Boston their diets and eating habits.

In an interview by Hilary Sargent published on Monday, Campbell shed light on what the power couple eat roughly on the daily basis. Not surprisingly, they are able to maintain their youthful look, stamina, and health by eating a plant-based diet.

According to Campbell, who obtained a culinary certificate on plant-based diet from Cornell University under the mentorship of T. Colin Campbell of the China Study, the family's food consist of 80% vegetables--they hardly eat fruit. Tom, for example, does eat banana only when it's part of a smoothie.

They also enjoyed a very clean diet: organic, fresh, and whole. They don't consume gluten, dairy, and fungus such as mushroom. Tom also doesn't eat nightshades like tomatoes and eggplants due to their possible inflammatory properties. Not eating nightshades is also followed by Paleo eaters. Website Paleo Leap shared that these types of food may be particularly bad for people with gut problems and autoimmune diseases.

The family also gorged on whole grains like beans, millet, and quinoa. They also don't eat anything with white or artificial sugar, MSG, and white flour. Although he uses olive oil, he doesn't cook with it, instead opting for coconut oil.

The kids also eat what their parents do most of the time, which are usually served in bowls, although Campbell said that Gisele prepares his son's lunch herself. The children get to enjoy some snacks with a lot of dehydrated ingredients like fruits.

It may seem as if the family might be demanding too much from the capable chef, but Campbell pointed out that overall the couple is "laid-back" and allows him to create his own menu, which he makes in advance.

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