LIVING HEALTHY Published January8, 2016 By Czarelli Tuason

Red Wine Is Bad For The Health, U.K. Experts Reveal

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Red wine
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A report by U.K. health expert Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies slams the long-standing belief of people that red wine reduces the risk of several health problems when taken in moderation, including cancer, heart disease and memory loss, ultimately revealing that the supposed elixir is actually bad for your health, Independent reported on Thursday.

The new alcohol guideline revision since 1995 will reportedly change the recommended alcohol consumption of the nation, stating that drinking even one glass of red wine daily could put a person at risk of developing breast cancer by 13 percent.

Although previous studies highlighted the health benefits of antioxidants found in red wine, the new guidelines will reveal that the bad effects of drinking it overshadows the good ones, and that the health benefits from drinking a glass of red wine daily could be obtained by simply increasing exercise and eating less.

"Taking this into account alongside all the known acute and chronic risks to health from drinking even at low levels, supports the conclusion of the group that there is no justification for recommending drinking on health grounds, nor for starting drinking for health reasons," said the latest report.

According to Times Live on Friday, the review for the new guidelines was started in 2012 and what experts found include the association of occasional alcohol drinking to health issues later on in life.

Based on the new guidelines, the U.K. government is encouraging men to consume no more than three to four units of alcohol a day, while women should be limited to two to three units daily. Drinkers are also advised to steer clear of alcohol for at least two days a week to give time for their livers to recuperate.

"The report will send a clear signal that the dangers of drinking are far more than previously thought," said a source.

Many health researches and studies have been laying down the bad side of alcohol and encouraging drinkers to embrace the health benefits that come with giving up the booze.

The University College London's recent study showed that patients who ceased drinking alcohol had improved cholesterol levels, liver function and blood pressure, while the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence's report advised middle-aged individuals that there is "no safe level of alcohol consumption."

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