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The Taco Cleanse: New 2016 Diet Makes You Eat Tacos For A Month

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The Taco Cleanse book cover
(Photo : By: The Taco Cleanse)

Every once in a while, a new diet craze comes out enticing every health-savvy individuals to jump in and try, and for 2016, that would have to be the 30-day Taco Cleanse by the self-proclaimed "taco scientists" from Austin, Texas.

In their new book titled "The Taco Cleanse," the authors came up with over 75 vegan recipes that would allow their readers to enjoy the favorite dish in more ways than one, noted CBS News on Thursday. It's basically tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days straight.

"A juice cleanse? Who wants to drink juice all day? Unless it's a taco," said taco lover Aaron Tarpley.

On their Taco Cleanse website, the authors claimed that their diet will help you to "wake up in the morning with new enthusiasm when you know your day is going to start with a breakfast taco."

According to Metro on Thursday, the Taco Cleanse do not guarantee a drastic weight loss, instead, the authors stated that the diet will help fill you up with delicious recipes that are guilt-free.

Beginners could try the "Mild" one-day cleanse that requires you to eat tacos every meal, or take on the 30-day "Fuego" cleanse challenge for a full taco experience. Unlike other diets, the Taco Cleanse is not imposing strict rules and even allows its readers to consume alcohol, especially margaritas.

Some of the taco recipes that readers could look forward to are tater tot tacos, Dutch waffle tacos and mac n' cheese tacos. The book even included dessert tacos, so readers could still indulge on a bit of sugar while on a diet. How exciting is that?

"If you can wrap wonderful vegetables and beans -- beans are so good for us -- if you can wrap those inside of a lettuce leaf or maybe a corn tortilla, I think that is a great option," said Jennifer Herriott, assistant director of the Community Health Division at the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. "Cilantro, beans, chopped up onions, tomatoes. Those can all be wonderful things you can put inside of a taco."

The Taco Cleanse book is currently the #1 best seller in the "Cooking Humor" category of Amazon.

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