DIET&FITNESS Published January11, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

Best Apps that Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

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It has only been 12 days in to 2016 and surely a lot of people are still hoping to stick to the New Year's resolution in order to have a better year. One of the top resolutions that can be found all over social media accounts is the goal to start eating healthy and trying to be active in 2016.

There is no denying that being healthy can be difficult especially considering most delectable snacks can derail the resolution. But in order to keep the eye on the prize below is a list of three of the best health and fitness apps that will ensure happier, healthier, new you this year.

My Fitness Pal (Free on Android, Windows and iOS)

This app will help you keep track of your diet. It shows the statistics of your eating habits from which it would be easy to figure out which kinds of food to cut back on and which to include on your program. The statistics that would be provided will depend on the range of expected weight loss and the amount of calories needed every day to achieve your desired goal.

Nike+ Training Club (Free on Android and iOS)

Having a gym membership or hiring a fitness coach can be a bit pricey. So why shell out hundreds of dollars for a membership when there is free app that is designed to be a gym at your fingertips.

Nike+ training club offers countless different types of exercises depending on how the intensity of the  preferred workout and the target body part. It gives detailed instructions on how to execute the exercises correctly, how long the breaks should be in between exercises and all other fitness concerns one can think of.

7 Minute Workout Plan (Free on Android and iOS with in-app purchases)

This app is for people who have a lot of things going on with their lives and can only spare seven minutes in a day to work out. 7 Minute Workout Plan is not your average fitness app.  It offers different types of exercises that one can do in order to make that 7 minute workout worthwhile. By doing these workouts regularly, noticeable results would be soon be noticed even without going out of the way to fit in going to the gym.

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