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First Response announces latest Bluetooth Pregnancy Tests

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First Response Pregnancy Pro
(Photo : First Response Website)

There are already troves of smart phone applications available that can keep track of a woman's menstrual cycle. From the frilly and pink apps like Period Tracker Lite to the more sophisticated and discreet Dot, the technology is basically the same - these applications take note of the last menstrual cycle and predicts when the next one would be. Needless to say, menarche cycle trackers are not revolutionary. However, women from all over are sure to be excited to hear about the latest technological breakthrough that links pregnancy tests to their smart phones.

Early in the month Church & Dwight, Co. the company behind First Response pregnancy and ovulation tests unveiled the latest breakthrough in pregnancy technology - First Response Pregnancy PRO, the first Bluetooth pregnancy test.  

"We are thrilled to be unveiling the next generation of in-home pregnancy testing on a stage like CES, where so many technological advancements have made their debut.  Pregnancy PRO, we've leveraged unique consumer insights to develop a product that not only revolutionizes the pregnancy test category, but more importantly, provides women with the information they need during their journey" gushed Stacey Feldman, Vice President of Marketing for Church & Dwight C, in an official statement.

The First Response Pregnancy Pro is powered by a disposable Bluetooth module made by Qualcomm Life that links the pregnancy test stick to an app that users can download. The app is equipped with detailed instructions on how to use the pregnancy test. Following the results, it would also provide fertility related information should the test turn up negative. On the other hand, the application would provide a possible due date should the user be proven pregnant through First Response Pregnancy Pro.

The First Response Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test & App Access would be available in the market this year and is expected to go for $14.99-$21.99.

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