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Is a Fat-free Diet the Way to Go in Order to Lose Weight?

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There is no denying that obesity statistics in the United States is currently at alarming and grim levels. According to stateofobesity.org , more than 30% of adults are considered obese and a whopping 60% are overweight. Consequently, the rate of obesity for children ages 2 to 19 mimic the percentages for adults.

Still according to the website, obesity rates have only doubled over the past 35 years. The increase comes despite the prevalence of fat-free food options in the market. Because of the disjoint between the availability of fat-free food resources and obesity rates, scientists have since questioned the notion that fat equates to weight gain and retention.  One such study hails from David Ludwig, a professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Ludwig and his team have previously conducted a study following 21 over weight adults. The research followed the group over a period of three months. During the test period, the 21 subjects were divided into three diet groups: low fat with high carbs, low carbs with high fat and a diet with equal amount of fat and carbs.

Ultimately, the results showed that subjects who were on the low-fat diet burned fewer calories a day. The decrease in their fat intake have taken a toll on their metabolism thus forcing their bodies to burn 325 calories fewer than those on the other two diets. If the results holds true in future studies, it proves that the type of caloric intake is as important as the amount of daily intake.

"The limit on total fat is an outdated concept, an obstacle to sensible change that promotes harmful low-fat foods, undermines efforts to limit refined grains and added sugars, and discourages the food industry from developing products higher in healthy fats" quipped Ludwig in an article published by Boston Magazine.

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