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Baby Girl Born with Almost No Brain Celebrates 10th Birthday

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Brain Scan
(Photo : Getty Images - Sean Gallup)

Shawn and Lorena Simpson gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Alex Simpson back in 2006. Everything was going well with the growing family until one day Shawn and Lorena felt like something is off with Alex. During her first two months she would cry for 20 hours a day and the parents couldn't figure out what was going on.

When Alex was first brought to the hospital, doctors thought that the excessive crying was caused by a digestion problem so they suggested to switch formulas. However the crying still continued. When Alex was 2 month old the doctors finally came up with a diagnosis far from digestion problems.

Specialists ultimately found out that Alex was suffering with hydraencephaly -  a rare condition in which the brain's cerebral hemispheres are absent to varying degrees and the remaining cranial cavity is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. In layman's terms, Alex was born with a big part of her brain missing. Children who were born with this kind of illness usually didn't survive after their first birthday however Alex proved to be a special and different case.

A few days ago Alex celebrated her 10th birthday and her parents couldn't be more thankful that their daughter was given extra time to be with them. According to Shawn since Alex is equipped with the cerebellum, she's still pretty aware of what's going on around her, she is also capable of recognizing her parents and some of their other relatives too. Shawn stated

"She knows her mom and dad, her little brother. She knows when bad things are going on; she will cry or have a sad face" gushed Shawn.

Even though it's been a very difficult journey for the Simpson family, Lorena stated that they all love Alex just the way she is and wouldn't have it any other way. 

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