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Dylan O’Brien Girlfriends List: Find Out Who The ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Is Dating Here!

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MTV Teen Wolf Los Angeles Premiere Party
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Fans have always been very curious to know about "Teen Wolf" fame Dylan O'Brien's personal life including his list of girlfriends.

While there are a number of girls who want to be a part of Dylan O'Brien's girlfriends list, the actor is already committed to his girl.

The "Teen Wolf" star is currently dating Brit Robertson. The two first met while shooting the 2011 movie, "First Time," and have been together ever since, reported Korea Portal.

However, that doesn't imply that he hadn't been paired with any other girl in "Teen Wolf" and other films.

During a San Diego Comic-Con panel, co-star Holland Roden reportedly told the audience that O'Brien was actually good at kissing.

"Dylan has great breath, he's a very good kisser," she said.

Also former Miss Teen USA Shelley Hennig admitted that he had an awkward situation with O'Brien during a kissing scene shoot.

"Dylan and I had a spit string the other day," Hennig told "We had to kiss in a scene and our spits just connected and did this string-like sorta thing. But our camera operator loved it because it kinda caught a light and it has this gleam on it. They loved it; I was a little embarrassed."

"The Maze Runner" star was even once embarrassed kissing his girlfriend on screen. The two reportedly had to reshoot the kissing scene again as the first time didn't turn out well. However, they "just got really good at kissing" and things just went good from there.

Dylan O'Brien was even linked to Selena Gomez when the actor admitted to having a crush on the "Come And Get It Singer" years ago, reported Franchise Herald.

However, in an interview with J-14 last year, O'Brien revealed that although he doesn't have a crush on her anymore, he was "still a fan, I always will be."

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