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Ebola officially Eradicated in West Africa

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Recently the World Health Organization or the WHO finally declared West Africa free from the Ebola virus. The epidemic first hit West Africa back in 2013 starting in Guinea which eventually spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. The virus affected almost 29,000 people and at least 11,500 people died from Ebola.

The Ebola Virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever than can be fatal. The virus is initially transmitted to people from wild animals. However the outbreak continued because of eventual human to human transmission.

During an informal meeting the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressed the issue on the eradication of the Ebola virus not only in West Africa but also in the United States and Europe.

"For the first time since the outbreak started, the region is on the cusp of being declared free of Ebola transmission. Sierra Leone declared the end of Ebola transmission on November 7, 2015. Guinea marked this milestone on December 29, 2015. These countries are now observing a 90 day period of heightened vigilance" quipped Ki-Moon.

However according to WHO Director General Margaret Chan while the eradication of the virus is very good news, the first three months for these countries would be very difficult. She explains that since announcement of the eradication of the virus would cause governments to scale down on its response to Ebola suspected cases, vigilance towards resurgence is still imperative.

She further claimed that the WHO has been putting their best efforts into providing a cure for Ebola. The organization is currently very close to perfecting not only a cure but a new and more accurate diagnostic test for the virus.

People from across the globe especially the ones who came from the places that were badly hit by the Ebola virus have since celebrated the welcome news. They are hopeful that the virus would remain eradicated.

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