LIFE Published January18, 2016 By Czarelli Tuason

Taiwan Builds A 55-Foot Tall Church Shaped Like Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

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People taking photos of the glass slipper-like church in Taiwan
(Photo : By: STR | Getty Images)

Residents and tourists are flocking over Taiwan's southern province of Chaiyi to take a picture of the 55-foot tall and 36-foot wide sparkling blue church shaped like Cinderella's high-heeled glass slipper that is set to open in February 8, reported BBC News on Friday.

The $686,000 structure is made out of more than 320 tinted glass panels and features a blue open stage, equipped with spotlights.

The local government in Taiwan's famous tourist spot of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area were reportedly behind the fairytale-like creation, and administration recreation section manager, Pan Tsuei Ping, noted that the glass slipper church will only be available for use in pre-nuptial photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

"In our planning, we want to make it a blissful, romantic venue," said Pan. "Every girl imagines how they will look like when they become the bride."

According to CNN on Monday, the church, which sits on a sandy spot at the Ocean View Park in Budai Town, was noted to include "chairs for lovers, maple leaves, biscuits and cakes," ideal for a romantic event.

Its design was inspired by a 24-year-old local woman's story in which her wedding did not push through after her legs were amputated due to her Blackfoot disease, and she decided to live the rest of her days inside a church.

Spokesman of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Zheng Rongfeng noted that the glass slipper church will have 100 female-oriented features, where 71 have already reportedly been completed.

"It will be tailored to women, especially female tourists visiting the area," the official noted.

Comments and criticisms started pouring in from netizens, including females, who seem unable to appreciate the idea behind the structure.

"Besides copying, what kind of standard does this church have?" asked one person on Taiwan's online forum PTT.

"What were the authorities thinking when they commission such a hideous-looking building in the area?" asked a user from China on their microblogging site Weibo. "It's just disrespectful,"

"Most girls love fairytales, it's great that officials want to focus on women for once," said one person in defense.

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