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'Devil May Cry' Movie Adaptation Still Happening? Norman Reedus Or Brad Pitt To Play Dante?

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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition
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The recent trend is Hollywood today is to transform the games into film adaptations. Because it offers interesting storylines, and also attracts fans of that particular game. "Devil May Cry" game will definitely fit into that criteria.

In 2011, the company has got reputation with the "Resident Evil" franchise and later on announced the plans for a "Devil May Cry" film. Not much has come out other than rumors and speculations about the original story with the character style.

For those who are unfamiliar with the "Devil May Cry" video game series, which is now on its fifth sequel, here's a brief walkthrough of the first game.

The game centers on the main character Dante. His goal is avenging his mother's murder by exterminating demons. It is a Hero's revenge series to catch the main villain and kill him and in the part of that he goes through many hurdles and how he reached his goal is an interesting thing in the plot.

It's still too early to say who will be playing the role of Dante, or even which version of Dante the film will feature.

Reported today over at Variety, the "Devil May Cry" movie may be penned by Kyle Ward, the same scribe who is attached to the upcoming adaptation of Kane & Lynch.

With anime movies, action figures and umpteen game titles already in the can, the "Devil May Cry" series is more than ready for its big screen debut. If Screen Gems can do for Dante what it did for the successful "Resident Evil" films, then Capcom can look forward to having two Hollywood stars in its stable.

A series as big as "Devil May Cry" can boost its popularity even more if cast properly. This series can be considered to be on par with the likes of Resident Evil.

A fan-made video showing plausible actors who can play the role of Dante. In this video, he included Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Norman Reedus which many fans might agree with.

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