HEADLINES Published January19, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

Drug Trial Leaves One Man Dead

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Big Pharma
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There is no denying how the pharmaceutical industry or "Big Pharma" has often been viewed in less than favorable light. While the industry has spent billions of dollars in order to find cures for diseases that have plagued man for centuries, most if not all are driven not by good will but solely by profit. If only accounting for recent news surrounding a botched drug trial, it seems like "Big Pharma's" reputation would not be changing anytime soon.

Late last week, a man has been confirmed dead following his participation in a clinical trial conducted by French company, Biotrial International. The clinical trial was initiated last January 7 in order to assess the effects of a painkiller drug made by Portuguese pharmaceutical company, Bial. 90 healthy volunteers participated in the trial and were given the drug in different doses and times. Aside from the one fatal casualty, five other participants are currently being treated at the University Hospital of Rennes.

Biotrial International has since addressed the uproar surrounding the incident. According to a statement released by the company, the trial has followed international guidelines for clinical studies. They were quick to reassure the public that the utmost safety of the test subjects is their number one concern.

"The trial has been conducted in full compliance with the international regulations and Biotrial's procedures were followed at every stage throughout the trial, in particular the emergency procedures for the transfer of subjects to the hospital." read a part of the official press release.

The company has also since extended their deepest condolences to the family of the departed clinical trial participant.

"Our thoughts go out to the volunteers and their families. We are working hand in hand with the Health Authorities to understand the cause of this accident" detailed Biotrial International on their website.

Currently, French prosecutors have instigated an investigation regarding the unfortunate case.

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