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McDonald’s Next Opens In Hong Kong; Fast Food Giant Showcases Future Design Of Its Restaurants

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McDonald's Next in Admiralty, Hong Kong
(Photo : By: Bloomberg | Getty Images)

The world's largest fast food chain recently transformed one of its outlets in Hong Kong and called it "McDonald's Next," showcasing a sleeker and more futuristic design, with a black and white logo, metallic and glass interior, and ambient lighting, reported CNN on Jan. 11.

More than the well-executed facelift, customers can look forward to a new offering of the brand - a salad bar! A dedicated area serving 19 different ingredients to choose from, including "two choices of salad base greens, two kinds of cheese, three flavors of sauces" and even the choice between quinoa and couscous.

This will be available along with the existing "Create Your Taste" touch screen menu where patrons can customize their meals to their own liking.

McDonald's Next will also up the ante by offering premium coffee blends, as well as providing table service after 6 p.m. by staff who received 720 hours of training, dressed in newly designed uniforms.

"It's friendlier, feels more like a cafe than a McDonald's," noted a businessman from France, Nicolas Cottard. "I think it's increased the value of the brand."

The Evening Standard also noted on Saturday that McDonald's Next will also include berry waffle on their menu that was "designed for Hong Kong consumers' love for quality desserts."

The outlet will also be equipped with digital walls showcasing food items, as well as a self-ordering kiosk and a cellphone charging corner.

McDonald's sales reportedly increased in the third quarter of last year after several quarters of decline, marking the brand's phase of "deep depression."

Chief executive of the chain, Steve Easterbrook decided on cutting the use of antibiotics in their chicken supple, as well as offering an all-day breakfast in their U.S. outlets, in effort to battle the decline in sales.

McDonald's Next in Admiralty, Hong Kong is the first of its kind, considered by the company as "a milestone in McDonald's evolution to a modern and progressive burger company.

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