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Health Benefits Of Moringa Malunggay: Top Herbal Plant For Cancer Prevention, Nutrition, Fighting Microbes And Blood Sugar Control

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Moringa Malunggay
(Photo : Moringa has many health benefits.

Moringa malunggay is known as the 'Miracle Tree' because all its parts are beneficial for health. It is also called Drumstick Tree and in the Philippines, it is known as malunggay. Scientific research can prove that moringa has many health benefits because it contains seven times more vitamin C from oranges, four times more calcium in milk, four times more vitamin A in carrots, three times more potassium than in bananas and two times more protein from milk.

It is used to combat malnutrition because of its high contents of vitamin A, B, and C, calcium, iron, protein and potassium. It can be a substitute for many foods, fruits and vegetables because of its high nutritional value.

Also, it was found out that it is a potent antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Its leaves have a compoung called pterygospermin which is medically known to have antimicrobial properties.  Malunggay or Moringa has been shown in studies to have an anti-tumor capacity. Moringa contains benzyl isothiocyanate that have chemoprotective and anti-cancer properties. Moringa is also said to balance sugar levels, hence it is helpful in the fight against diabetes.

It contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants. Antioxidants are imprint in health because they fight and kill free radicals which are the main culprits in many diseases including cancer.  Also, there are no side-effects of moringa tree leaves which have been proven up to this time.

Subsequently, it can be consumed by small children and adults alike. Hence, it can be constituted in many foods like porridge, rice and even bread. According to a researcher, Dr. Monica Marcu, it is very potent because even in small amounts, it can supply the body of the needed nutrients. Lastly, it has only a few calories.

It is a good source of vitamins because it was said to contain 18 amino acids and it is a good source of fiber and roughage.  Indeed, it has many health benefits that can provide the body of essential nutrients and prevention of certain diseases.

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