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5 Nasty Makeup Habits that You Should Stop Now

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Nasty makeup habits
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Makeup brings out your best features and it never fails to give your confidence that extra "umph!" Indeed, makeup makes a great friend. You should, however, be wary of habits that will get you to its bad side. 

Sleeping with Makeup On

The only people who are allowed to sleep with makeup on are those who will never wake up ever again! So next time, be sure to free your face from the day's grime and from all the products you have packed on. 

Big pores are the long term effects of missing out on cleansing before bedtime. Grime and makeup seep deep into your pores expanding them. Its short term effects? Break outs. 

If you are too tired to hop on the sink, use face wipes instead. They are really efficient quick fixes. However, nothing beats water and facial foam at this. So wash up as much as you can. 

Sharing makeup products and applicators

Sharing, they say, is caring. It is totally different with makeup and applicators. In this case, sharing is gross!

Using someone else's makeup and applicators (especially those you use on your face) will transfer bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum among many other nasty stuff from their skin to yours and vice versa. 

It is fine to share products that come in tubes, though, as they do not get exposed during application. 

Failing to wash and thoroughly dry your applicators

Your go-to brushes and sponges are great breeding grounds for bacteria and molds. No matter how fresh they seem to look, wash them with warm water and soap at least once a week.

Be sure to dry them thoroughly too. Moisture caught in between the bristles of your brushes and the minute crevices of your makeup sponge gives your applicators a funny smell. Funny smelling applicators indicate microbes - lots of them, in fact. If you must, blow dry your applicators. Heat kills the micro-critters. 

Skipping skin tests

Your skin type and skin tone are but very "superficial" concerns for picking makeup that will suit you. Whether or not you have found yourself breaking out, itching or showing patches of irritation and allergy upon using a certain makeup product - be sure to perform a skin test before buying a new product. 

Using makeup too much and/or too often

When using foundation, for instance, pick those that carries a lot in one bottle or tube. For instance, instead of using moisturizer, sunscreen and liquid foundation separately, pick CC or BB creams which are a heavenly mix of these three. 

This way you won't pack on too much product on your face each, allowing your skin a lot of room to breathe. 

Better yet, go bare-faced more!   

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