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Scientists Certain that Record Breaking 2015 Climate is Caused by Man-Made Warming

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Global Warming
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Earlier this year the United Nations World Meteorological Organization or the WMO released an alarming report concerning the rapid increase in the global climate. According to their research, 2015 broke all previous climate records. Last year charted a whopping 1 degree Celsius increase above average temperatures. The rapid change is brought on not only by the El Nino but also human-induced global warming. The Secretary-General has since pleaded for immediate actions directed to solve this problem.

"We have reached for the first time the threshold of 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. It is a sobering moment in the history of our planet" quipped Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary General.

However, some remain skeptical about the issue of global warming and climate change. Recently, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was quoted in saying that there are no evidences to support the prevalence of climate change. The senator went so far as to say that it is nothing more that 'pseudoscientific theory.'

"Climate change is the perfect pseudoscientific theory for a big-government politician who wants more power" quipped the senator.

Scientists from the United States has since published a study detailing the impact of humans to the hastening of global warming. According to their research, there is no denying that one of the causes of climate change is man-made.

"Climate change is real, human-caused and no longer subtle - we're seeing it play out before our eyes" explained Michael Mann, lead writer of the study from Pennsylvania State University.

The WMO is scheduled to release a more comprehensive report on the staggering climate statistics gathered in 2015. According to UN's official website, the document would include details on regional trends, extreme events, sea ice, sea level rise and tropical cyclones. It is expected that the full report on global climate change would be available by March 2016. 

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