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Samsung Reeling from Disappointing 2015 Q4

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2015 is arguably one of the more exciting years for Samsung mobile fans. The tech giant not only unveiled their flagship Samsung S6 phone but the company also released the Galaxy Note 5. However despite the fanfare surrounding the releases, Q4 was not very kind to Samsung's overall sales.

Just yesterday, the Korean company released their official 2015 financial report and based on the document Samsung experienced a considerable drop in profits. Previously, the company released a profit comparison from 2014 Q4 and according to the statement the company earned $2 trillion KRW less than they did a year before.

Samsung has cited several reasons for the decrease in their annual sales. According to their press release, a weak demand products and the slowing down in IT developments have hampered the rise in their sales. They are hopeful that 2016 however would be a better year for their products. Samsung has forecasted a single digit percentage growth for their smartphone and tablet units.

The company has also since partnered up with Verizon in order to provide better Internet connection for businesses. In the announcement released last January 26, 2016, the companies explained that the new technology would provide businesses solutions to weak Internet coverage within a specific area.

Mark Louison Senior Vice President and U.S. General Manager for Samsung Electronics America has expressed his excitement for the impending partnership saying:

"The introduction of this solution with Verizon represents our continued focus on delivering innovative LTE solutions for our customers. The 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise expands the small cell portfolio for Verizon to deliver the best service for their location-diverse subscriber base"

Likewise T.J. Fox, senior vice president for Wireless Enterprise for Verizon has also shared his insight on their company joining forces with Samsung.

"The Samsung solution provides us with an offering for our enterprise customers that have significant volumes of devices, employees or guests that require a fast connection for 4G LTE" quipped Fox

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