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Samsung Gear S2 Gets New Colors And Also Works With Samsung Pay And Apple Devices

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Samsung Gear S2
(Photo : David Becker / Getty Images)

Samsung Gear S2 is one of the front runners of the smartwatch game especially sicne it works with Samsung Pay, but the cherry on top is that it also is compatible with Apple devices.

The competition between premium brands are stiff, because apart from competing against one another there are also number of cheaper brands that are making similar products but at a fraction of the cost. While the cheaper prices may raise some eyebrows, the products actually have great features that rival the more expensive brands.

According to Tech Radar, Samsung Gear S2 is the latest wearable tech from the South Korean brand and has pushed the bar of fashionable tech even high. Not only does the brand have classic and timeless looking smartwatches but those who are more fashion conscious will appreciate the new look of the watch when its dipped in 18 Karat Rose Gold or coated in Platinum.

"The new Gear S2 Classic models are made of more premium materials than the original Classic," as reported by Ars Technica. "And they will have a few new matching watch faces to go along with the color schemes. Other than the new materials, the new Classic has the same specs as the original. While the original Gear S2 has a nice, rounded design, it sports a much more futuristic look than the Classic models, which provide a more traditional, modern style."

Apart from getting an upgrade in it's design, Samsung recently annoucned that their smartwatch would be compatible with iOS later this year. This is a surprising development considering the heated competition between the two companies.

A recent advertisment released by Samsung featured comedian Hannibal Buress as he goes into a restaurant and use mobile payment to pay for the food he ordere, as reported by Apple Insider.  While the staff aren't willing to recieve it since they don't have any devices that work with Apple Pay, Buress shows them that he's talking about Samsung Pay.

Not only does he prove that mobile payments done with his smartphone are easy but he also noted that, unlike Apple Pay, Samsung Pay "kind of works everywhere."

It is quite obvious that the Android brand is showing off the compatibility of their devices as Apple reportedly requires merchants to support both NFC and Apple's specific platform systems. Not all merchants have the NFC-ready terminals, thus Apple Pay has limited options. Samsung doesn't have that and works virtually everywhere since it is compatible with conventional magentic readers and NFC as well.

Samsung has not yet announced when Samsung Gear S2 will officially be compatible to iOS as they are currently in the developmental phase. The device will be first made available in China then a number of other countries soon after.

The Gear S2 costs $299 and the Classic version may cost around $349.

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