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24-year-old Races to Save His Life from Skin Cancer

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A 24-year-old man hopes to save his life from an aggressive form of skin cancer.
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What could have been a memorable and fun getaway has become tragic after a 24-year-old man developed malignant melanoma. If he cannot do something with it, he may die within 9 months. 

Andy Prowting, a security supervisor, went on a holiday in Turkey. Not long after, in January, he discovered a mole on his back, which he and his mom monitored for the next few days. It just got larger, which prompted him to visit his doctor and a dermatologist, who then diagnosed him with malignant melanoma, even if he was constantly putting sunscreen during his vacation.

He went into a surgery by April to remove the cancerous mole and the lymph nodes in one of his arms. He also participated in a clinical trial for a chemotherapy around July.

However, his cancer is so aggressive it's already reached his vital organs such as the liver. If the cancer isn't stopped, he may only have nine months to live.

Although frustrated and upset, he is undaunted. He found a clinic in Texas that accepted his case and may eventually save his life. To get there, however, he needed to raise £60,000. Friends and family who supported him had already raised £11,000 within the last 3 weeks.

To those who wish to donate and keep themselves updated on his treatment can go to Facebook and like Andy's Army. Andy is also encouraging everyone to check themselves of any skin cancer sign, including a mole that bleeds, like in his case.

In the United Kingdom, malignant melanoma is one of the most common cancers affecting at least 49% of men. Most of the patients are those who are under 50 years old. Around 10,000 men and women develop the cancer every year, an 5 times increase than in the 1970s. It's also the second most common among 15 to 34-year-olds. Among men, malignant melanoma usually occurs in the back or chest.   

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