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Marathoner Ryan Hall Announces his Retirement Following Bouts with Overtraining Syndrome

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Ryan Hall
(Photo : Getty Images - Jonathan Moore)

There is no denying how being an athlete is physically and mentally demanding. For instance, Michael Phelps, an American swimmer dubbed as the most decorated Olympian of all time, has a workout and diet regimen that would make any non-athlete cringe. For his training, Phelps swims 80,000 meters a week which is equivalent to 50 miles. Despite being 6'4 and 165 lbs, the swimmer eats a diet of 12,000 calories per day.

With a diet plan and workout routine expertly tracked, it is easy to assume how all athletes are at their peak physical form. However, according to one former distance runner, the training is more of a strain to the body than it is beneficial.

Just last month, Marathoner Ryan Hall announced his retirement from the sport on his official Facebook page. The 33-year-old runner expressed his gratitude for the career that he has had and the fans that have supported him along the way in last month's update.

"It was an amazing ride but it wasn't meant to last forever. Thanks for everyone's support" exclaimed Hall.

Hall has since explained why he decided to quit running professionally. According to Hall, the pressure of competing in races together with his body's refusal to cooperate was just not worth the trouble anymore. He gushed about feeling better after the burden of the pressure has been lifted.

"The constant frustration and massive fatigue, they wear on you. It was time to take a good, honest look over the last four years. I tried a lot of things and my body just wasn't responding to any of it. It was this cycle of getting reasonably fit, followed by injuries and episodes of massive fatigue" explained Hall.

Hall also shared what is next for him following his retirement. According to the former champion runner, it is all about being the best husband and father from here on out. 

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