DIET&FITNESS Published February2, 2016 By Annie Erika Dee

Excessive Exercise Can Lead to Tendititis

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While the benefits of exercising cannot be undermined, doing the same type of exercise often may not be that good as well. Doing so can lead to heightened risk of tendinitis. 

According to Women's Health of Yahoo News, feeling worn out after a hardcore workout is normal and even positive. However, when the pain sticks around, this could be tendinitis already. The problem is that, very few knows the difference between ordinary pain after a long and hard workout and tendititis. Yahoo News provided three symptoms of tendititis to help fitness buffs discern the differences. 

First, people who have tendititis will experience dully and achy pain around the joints, quite specific areas compared to ordinary muscle pains. "The most obvious sign of tendinitis is pain at the site of the tendon," Henry Halse, a Philadelphia-based certified strength and conditioning specialist shared. "Tendons are located at the beginning and end of your muscle, so you'll usually have this dull, achy pain around your joints and a tendon that's sore to the touch," he added. Muscle pains on the other hand, will materialize in the muscle belly, right in the middle of the bone, and not at the joint. 

Another distinctive and telltale sign of tendititis is that the symptoms are chronic. According to Jonesco, ordinary muscle pains will not last for two weeks. If a workout leads to two weeks of post-exercise soreness, the likelihood of tendititis is high. Going to the doctor for consultation is the next logical step. 

Jonesco also added that pain felt during the exercise is more likely a sign of tendititis. Ordinary muscle pain because of excessive exercise can be normally felt after the workout. 

People who have tendititis need not worry. It is not debilitating at all, but still deserves attention. Jonesco claimed that to treat tendititis, braces can be used to immobilize the joint and protect the tendon. Once the pain vanishes, a strength-traning program will be helpful to prevent this from happening again. 

A proof that tenditits is not debilitating is Iowa State center Jameel McKay. He had tendititis in his left knee prior to their game at  Texas A&M in the Big 12/SEC Challenge last Saturday but continued with the game, the Des Moines Register reported. Still, he admitted that his discomfort is great and because of this, he wonders how much more he got. 

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