LIVING HEALTHY Published February3, 2016 By Annie Dee

To Declutter or Not? A Messy Desk is Associated with Health Benefits, Study SHows

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Messy Office Desk
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A messy desk often signals a disorganized mind, but a new study found that clutter may actually have some health benefits. Disorder actually stimulates one's creative juices.

Yahoo News reported that a study from the University of Michigan, now published in Psychological Science, showed that environmental disorder is not  all bad. Those looking to increase their creativity should not be too keen about being clean and orderly all the time. 

This comes as a surprise after all the reports on the positive effects of conquering chaos and decluttering. Just this month, Bustle reported six comprehensive benefits of decluttering, and even claimed that these are supported by scientific evidence. 

The first negative effect is psychological. Citing a study published in Psychology Today, it was said that children living in a chaotic environment can take a toll on them. Children and even adults, can be held back by the junks they see around them from getting anything done. Bustle said that removing junk can lead to better concentration.

Improved concentration, lasting for days, just by decluttering is said to be proven by neuroscientists. Because clutter can be distracting, getting rid of it will naturally turn anyone  more focused and concentrated. Interestingly, Bustle also said that decluttering can lead to improved creativity. Because clutter can lead to increased stress, creativity declines. 

Bustle added that decluttering can make people sleep better, improve their mood, forget the past, and be more determined in achieving their goals. Keeping too much clutter and things that are simply not being used anymore can just lead to feelings of guilt and shame, affecting how individuals function.

It seems that the debate on whether to declutter or leave that messy desk be is still ongoing. Maybe achieving a healthy balance is the key instead.

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