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Little Girl Petitions For Mattel To Bring Bald Barbies To Australia

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Girl playing with a Barbie doll
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An eight-year-old cancer survivor from Australia initiated a campaign online that urges multinational toy manufacturer Mattel to bring their bald "Ella" Barbies to Australia in support of cancer patients.

According to Stuff on Tuesday, the little girl from Australia, known as Jordyn Miller, was diagnosed with cancer at five years of age, but what made the condition worse for her was the bullying that she experienced at school for losing her hair from chemotherapy.

This led little Jordyn to petition for Mattel to distribute in Australia their limited edition bald Barbie, which was first released in the U.S. last year for children with cancer.

Ella Barbies are available with sets of tiny wigs to play around with, which helped in increasing the patients' confidence and sense of identity, noted Little Things.

The dolls are produced in the U.S. for distribution, and are not sold in retail stores.

In her petition, which now has over 7,000 signatures, she expressed her confusion for appearing different from other girls.

"Mom said kids in cancer wards in America were given bald Barbies to play with which made them happy," Jordyn noted. "I want the same to happen in Australia. I think it would help a lot of sick sad kids."

Mattel has yet to respond to Jordyn's request, but many are crossing their fingers for the toy company to continue manufacturing dolls and toys for children that promote positive body image.

"We thought it would be great to have here... not just for poor kids in the same situation as Jordyn was, but for everyone," said Jordyn's mom, Tarin. "It's just so they know that it' normal; that it is part of life. You don't have to have beautiful long Disney princess hair to be beautiful."

With help of medications, treatments and support from loved ones, Little Jordyn is now cancer-free for three years.

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