DIET&FITNESS Published February14, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

"World's Largest Teenager" loses more than half of his weight

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(Photo : Mario Tama / Getty Images News)

The world's heaviest teenager finally walks after years of being bed ridden. Back in 2013, young Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri received medical treatment with the help of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The King personally ordered Shaeri to be hospitalized and to receive the medical help that he needed.

At his heaviest, Shaeri weighed 1,345 lbs and wasn't able to leave his bed for more than 3 years. In order for him to be brought to the hospital, the medical team needed to air lift him from his room. In 2014, several news outlets have reported significant improvement in Shaeri's health. More recently the now 24 year old reportedly has lost more than half is weight and can now walk on his own.

Dr. Aaied al-Qahtani, the head of Shaeri's medical team, has since explained that Shaeri is under an intensive fitness plan and because of the boy's determination to live a better life all his hard works were paid off. The doctor has confirmed that Shaeri's health condition has significantly improved.

Losing 700 pounds was no joke. Shaeri went through a very rough road in order to turn his life around but despite all the troubles that he faced he never gave up on himself because he knew that people wanted to see him live a better a longer life.

Now that the first stage of his weight loss journey is almost over, focus on Shaeri maintaining his weight and not slipping into his old ways is imperative. Doctors told CNN that Shaeri is still in very high spirits especially following his first few steps after losing more than half his weight. Several doctors in Shaeri's medical team including Dr. Abdeljabbar al-Yamani, the managing director of King Fahd Medical City, has since dubbed the inspiring young man - "the smiling man."

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