TRENDING Published February14, 2016 By Mic Florendo

Madonna And Guy Ritchie Fight For Their Son Rocco! 'Her Children Mean The World To Her'

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie
(Photo : By:Gareth Cattermole Getty Images Entertainment)

Madonna and Guy Ritchie may have moved on from each other, but their son Rocco has been keeping them from saying negative things about each other.

According to a new report, the 47-year-old filmmaker feels that he is fixing the damage that his ex-wife has done to their 15-year-old son.

"Guy wants to wait until Rocco's future is decided before making any plans for his schooling," an insider told The Sun via Mirror. "He feels he is repairing the damage done to Rocco through being on tour with his mother last year and is, in fact, keeping a watchful eye on his son."

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are preparing for a full custody hearing next month so the judge can decide where will Rocco stay. Currently, the teenager is with his father because he reportedly got tired of being in the spotlight when he is with his mother.

While "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." director claim that the Queen of Pop hasn't been taking good care of their son Rocco, the teenager was caught smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette not only once but twice.

"Rocco has been regular at the skate park outside the BFI for several weeks and was seen on separate occasions in January and February holding roll-ups," an insider told The Sun. "At one point he appeared to use a grinder, which is commonly used to shred cannabis."

According to the website, Madonna was shocked and devastated when she saw the videos and photos of her son smoking with other boys. The "Like A Virgin" hitmaker has been labeled as a bad mother, but without her guidance her son has been doing all sorts of things - and it may even be illegal.

"She is going to fight, fight, fight, and she is going to fight to the end," an insider said. "She is not happy. She is an excellent mother, and people can say whatever they want - but her children mean the world to her."

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