DIET&FITNESS Published February16, 2016 By Annie Dee

Cloud Bread Diet? Health Experts Weigh In on Latest Carb Craze

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We're never going to have a shortage of fad diets. The most recent one? Cloud breads, the latest low-carb craze. 

If you are part of the millions who included "to lose weight" in their new year's resolutions this year, but cannot stand the thought of not having carbs, let alone not sinking your teeth on some soft breads, then the cloud bread is your new best friend. Named as Pinterest as one of the "top health trends" for 2016, it would be interesting to know if it can really work according to health experts. 

"Cloud bread" is a low carbohydrate and gluten-free bread. It has no flour, yeast, and other traditional and unhealthy bread ingredients. The bread got its name from its appearance since it resembles a fluffy bread. It appears a cross between pita bread and a rice cake too. Those who are literally afraid of carbs have tried it and described it as "yummy" and "pretty." 

But is it healthy? And can it lead to weight loss? Nutritionists weighed in and said yes and no at the same time. 

"If you're trying to cut carbs or calories. cloud bread isn't such a bad choice," Karen Ansel, co-author of "The Calendar Diet: A Month by Month Guide to Losing Weight While Living Your Life" revealed to Yahoo Health.She is also a registered dietitian-nutritionist. 

However, the same nutritionist warns that this bread is much higher in fat compared to regular bread. The cheese variant is worse in this department. 

Registered dietitian Alissa Rumsey added that being gluten-free makes it extra appealing to those who are gluten-intolerant as well as those diagnosed with celiac diseases. However, she also said cloud bread has minimal fiber, which is important for a person's overall colon and stomach health. 

According to dietitian-nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz, who is also the CEO of NY Nutrition Group, those looking to replace their traditional breads with cloud bread may also be disappointed with the taste. "If you're expecting it to taste like actual bread, the ingredients infer that you will probably be disappointed," she said. 

Of course, there will be a horde of articles telling you bread is bread and it's going to make you gain weight no matter what. Some would even tell you carbs can kill you, no matter what. Everything in moderation is always the key. 

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