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Work On Kiss New Album To Begin In 2016? Gene Simmons Already Has Songs Lined Up?

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KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour
(Photo : Paul Kane/Getty Images) PERTH, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 03: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer of KISS, perform during their opening show for the Australian leg of their 40th anniversary world tour at Perth Arena on October 3, 2015 in Perth, Australia.

It seems members of the legendary rock band "Kiss" are ready to start working on their new album this year.

In an interview last year, band member Gene Simmons revealed that the band is planning to work on the new Kiss album some time in 2016.

"It will happen when we have time," Simmons said, reported Ultimate Classic Rock"I have music in me that needs to come out. I recently wrote a song called 'Your Wish Is My Command.' It feels like a Kiss song and it just needs to be released on a [new] Kiss album."

"First we have to finish a whole slew of shows. That will take at least until the end of this year."

The Kiss bassist revealed that all four band members are planning the album and that band mate Paul Stanley might once again play the role of producer.

"I'm glad about that-I no longer have the energy to come to the studio every day," Simmons said, reported Loudwire"Paul doesn't have so many other things in his life that demand attention, so he can concentrate fully on the project."

While, Simmons is hopeful of a new album, Stanley wants to work on a new Kiss album only when no contracts requires them to do so.

"There has to be a purpose to us doing an album," the Kiss frontman said in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine.

"There was a time when we did albums because the contracts said so. But I only want to work now when it's justified. Sonic Boom was an album that was very much needed to be done and Monster just felt like, 'Well, we did Sonic Boom - let's see where we go from here.'"

"Having accomplished that, I feel we can move forward without new music. There are enough things going on in KISS that right now it doesn't feel utterly necessary to make a new album."

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