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Shakira New Album 2016: Singer Reveals Details About The Upcoming Eleventh Studio Album

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Shakira at 'Zootropolis' Barcelona Premiere
(Photo : Xavi Torrent | Getty Images News)

In the beginning of the year, there was some news that after her hiatus Shakira is back in the studio. There were speculations that her new album 2016 might be released soon. Shakira confirmed that she is in the process of making it.

As per the last report on Latin Times in Oct. 2015, Shakira confirmed that she will start working on her 11th studio album soon. Even though she did not come up with any new albums after her tenth studio album, ''Shakira'' which was released in 2014, she was a very busy woman. She was busy with scores of other things along with her voice-over debut. She was doing it for Disney's upcoming flick entitled "Zootopia."

She was also busy with launching her new fragrance "Love Rock." As per a YouTube video, she announced a new album which will be released in 2016. As per the latest report on direct lyrics which was published in Oct. last year, she was supposed to start recording in Dec.

It was also reported that during a press conference, Shakira confirmed that she will start recording in Dec. 2015 and within a year the album should be ready to be released. "It's a whirlwind that completely absorbs you," said Shakira. She also mentioned that her children Sasha and Milan can be taken care of by the nanny and she can get back to recording.

"Once I start working on new music, which will be soon. I think by the end of this year, beginning of the next, I'll start working my new album in the studio, recording and producing new songs. I know I will be completely busy as the process of making an album is like a whirlwind that absorbs you" is what she said in Spanish which was translated for the readers by direct lyrics.

Latinpost also reported that along with the launch of her new perfume, she talked about the release of her new album. The ''Can't remember to forget you'' famed singer mentioned that music is her soul and she needs to focus on that now. It is quite time-consuming to completely concentrate on her album for it to be a chart buster.

''I want to enjoy what is to be a mother thoroughly because in three months I won't have a baby anymore, he is already going to be a 1-year old kid. I want to be sure to be there for him'' commented the popular singer.

So will the wait for the new album end soon?

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